Update/Register a Service Meeting

Welcome. Use this form to register or update the details of a service meeting such as a DSC or subcommittee meetings.

This form is not intended for regular CA meetings.
To update regular meetings, find your meeting in the listing and click on “Update meeting details“.
To register a new regular meeting, select “Register a new meeting” from the menu.

Please select if you are registering a new meeting or if you're updating exisiting meeting details.
If yes please let us know the details in the Other Details at the bottom of this form. Please also let us know when you move back to a face to face meeting.
Enter the day of the week that your meeting is scheduled.
Please enter the start and end times of the meeting.
e.g. First Saturday of every month.
Please enter either the venue address or if the meeting takes place via web hosting.
You don't have to use your full name, this will not be advertised on the website.
Please enter your email. This will only be shared on the website if a member needs to contact you to gain access to an online meeting.
If so desired, please enter your phone number. This will not be used on the website.
Is there anything else we need to include about the meeting, including online details, or the venue? If you want contact details listed please also do that here.
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