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Welcome and congratulations on starting a new meeting! Please fill in this form, and our WTF Coordinator will make sure that your meeting gets added to the list.

You may want to go to the downloads page to get readings and formats.

This form is for registering a new meeting ONLY.
If you are updating an existing meeting, locate it in the meetings list and click the “Update meetings details” button from the meeting’s page.

Enter the name of your meeting (e.g. "Big Book Discussion"), or leave the default. In the spirit of Tradition 6, please do not use the name of the venue.
Enter the day of the week when your meeting is scheduled.
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Please indicate whether you provide chits to those who need them. For information about the chit system, please contact [email protected].
Indicate what district that your meeting belongs to. Choose "Unaffiliated", if you don't know or are not sure.
If yes please provide the meeting link, ID and password in the Other Detail section at the bottom of the page.
If your meting is taking place online as well as face to face please supply the meeting link, ID and password as well as the full postal address.
Please enter the venue name and address, including the post code.
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